Challenges around Assignments

Assignments play a crucial role in the tertiary assessment process. Educational theories around the importance of assignments and best practise are well established. Yet, investigations in New Zealand and world-wide show that these theories have failed to influence tertiary practice sufficiently to ensure the best possible outcomes for student learning.

Opportunities for e-Learning

While e-learning tools have permeated many aspects of tertiary teaching, assessment with assignments is an area that is still largely dominated by paper-based systems, despite the opportunities for increases in efficiency and quality.

Project Goals

The aim of our project has been to develop pathways towards a higher uptake of e-learning tools for assignment processes. The focus of our work has been to build on sound educational principles, to always have student learning in mind, and to come up with practical solutions that reduce marking burdens.

Information available

Following the links to profiles, case studies and the tools report you will find recommendations on how you can apply e-learning tools and techniques to help you as a tertiary teacher with the management and marking of assignments. As well you will see suggestions on how to incorporate best practise stemming from educational theories into your assignment processes.

The link to the research reports gives you access to the research work that has led to our recommendations.

An executive summary and a one-page high-level summary of recommendations for the project are available.


Find out more about the project by going to a presentation that will occur in the main centres in June and July 2007. Staff from all tertiary organisations are welcome to attend. Contact John Milne for further information.

Project Team

John Milne and Eva Heinrich from Massey University (Project lead)
Professor Luanna Meyer and Bruce Granshaw from Victoria University Wellington
Professor Terry Crooks from the University of Otago
Maurice Moore formerly from UCOL