Profile 1: ‘Getting there faster’ – Working towards Efficiency Improvements

Are you frustrated with the amount of time you spend on mundane administrative tasks around assignment management and marking? What about using e-learning tools to lighten this load so you can focus your energies on assisting student learning? This profile focuses on easy to follow steps towards saving time. Using general purpose software and the standard features of common learning management systems it shows you how to speed up the processes around dealing with assignments. Your organisation is likely to already have access to these tools.

Profile 2: ‘Getting there better’ – Working towards Quality Improvements

Once you have started to enjoy the efficiency gains from using standard e-learning tools for assignment management and marking you might want to look into the use of tools for improving the quality of the assignment process. Many of the generic features of learning management systems can be employed for support around assignments. Having assignments and marking available in electronic format opens up new opportunities in terms of ensuring quality. Once again this profile only refers to standard tools you should already have access to.

Profile 3: ‘Stepping outside the conventional’ – Moving beyond Standard Tool Use

The first two profiles describe the use of standard tools for a standard assignment process. This third profile will interest you if you are prepared to step outside the conventional. This can mean exploring specialist assignment tools or using the standard tools in more imaginative ways. Your motivation might be to provide further educational benefits, to gain further efficiency or both.

Specialist tools are not difficult to use but like any new tool, you will have to put some effort into their exploration. It might pay to pilot the tools on a small group of students until you have gained confidence.