Tools Report - Adobe Professional

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Adobe Professional

  • Publishing tools
  • Operating system independent document sharing and management. Similar features are available in other brands of publishing tools.



Allows marker’s comments to be placed directly into Portable Document Format (PDF) documents.


Text box comments are visible next to their contexts in the essay. The essay format is unchanged. Comment summary pages can be added allowing for higher level feedback if necessary. The PDF viewer software is free and widely available.


To add comments to a submitted document, the PDF writer software has to be configured correctly to generate files that can be modified. For example it is possible to lock PDF documents which would prevent anything other than reading the documents. This could confuse less technically able staff or students. The Adobe PDF writer software requires a software licence, yet other PDF writer tools are freely available.


Adobe is a commercial sofware supplier. A software licence is required for products capable of changing PDF documents. A free PDF document viewer is available. Guidance on the use of Adobe Professional for document markup is available from  - section ‘Review and comment’. Third party tools for marking up PDF documents are widely available, e.g.  or