Tools Report - Assessment Aropā

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  • Peer assessment tool
  • Web based tool to support students reviewing each others work.



Aropā is a tool to support peer assessment where students review and possibly rate feedback. Aropā allows students to upload assignments, then allocates assignments to student reviewers, who then enter reviews. Aropā makes these available along with a grade. It also allows discussion of the reviews. The students use a grading rubric that the lecturer prepares. Aropā allows anonymous reviewing as well as allowing the student reviewer to see who wrote the assignment. It also has an online survey feature.


Aropā allows students to work on feedback and learn more about their assignment after they have completed their assignment. The tool appears to give the peer assessment process more credibility as it structures the students tasks and gives anonymity.


Good processes are needed to train students in the value of peer assessment and the techniques it demands. Installing the software requires specialist skills.


Aropā is available from John Hamer at More information is available at