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  • Specialist tool for marking and management of assignments.
  • An online marking tool that helps academic staff provide rigor and consistency in the assessment of assignments.



Assessi allows for assessment that is transparent, secure, personalised and easy to use for students and staff. It facilitates the entire design and development process including formative and summative assessment. Assessi allows assignments to be in various formats such as images, pdfs, flash and quicktime movies and zipped files. It also allows for live or broadcast assignments to be marked and can be used with hardcopy assignments.

More information is available from the URL below Go to Section 6-1 in the article by Nick Laird and Grant Baxter: 


Assessi is a flexible tool that allows a marker team to build common understandings. Markers can give more comprehensive feedback because the marking criteria are well defined and it is easier to give feedback than traditional approaches. Assessi acknowledges the complexity of a design process.


The development and testing has been in a design studies department but Assessi should be applicable to other subject areas.


Available to staff at Otago University. Assessi was developed and deployed in a Mac OS X environment.