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Creative Technology- Markin

  • Assessment marking tool


The process of marking a single piece of work using Markin has three stages:  Following receipt of work as a file, the marker imports the student's text into Markin either by importing it or copying and pasting it.
The marker is then able to mark the text using annotations, comments, and grades. The marked work is then exported in a format suitable for the student and then sent to them.

When several pieces of work have been marked one can use the program's comprehensive statistics analyser to collate and compare marks from different students, or from different pieces of work by the same student.


Uses rich text format. Allows re-use of annotaions and comments. All marking is done on a computer.


Microsoft Windows only application. Changes the original format of the submitted work. Text only – graphs, diagrams and images cannot be included.


Commercial licence required. Available from