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Markers Assistant

  • Assessment marking tool


An application that focuses on the management of the assessment cycle. It facilitates the development of a marking schedule or rubic and the distribution of assignments to multiple markers. Once marked the individual markers’ files are merged into the database. During marking comments can be added to the submitted work. Post marking moderation aids the quest for imroved quality in marking. When results are returned to a student, only the comments that are associated with areas where the student has lost marks are provided to them.


End to end management of the assessment process. Reduced time and effort is reported in case studies. Improved marking quality. Targetted feedback was seen as beneficial by students involved in an evaluation of their experiences following the use of the tool. The tool can handle assessments which require the submission of multiple files. The student requests for assessment reviews were handled much more quickly with the tool.


Microsoft Windows application only. Does not allow markers comments’ in the body of the student assignment.  


Available at no cost from