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  • Assessment marking tool
  • An online tool to support the marking of assignments and the storage and comparison of comments to help future teaching.





MarkTool focuses on the marking of assignments rather than the management of them. MarkTool supports lecturers with the following: definition of a marking scheme; commenting on assignments with graphical reference areas; relating of comments to marking criteria; maintaining of lists of frequently-used-comments; summary sheet with all comments; separation of comments and marks; extraction of all comments across all assignments for a task. MarkTool can be used with WebCT 4.1 and WebCTConnect or can be used independently.


One of the key advantages is that it allows the marker to comment directly into the assignment without altering the layout of the student work. The advantages of marking assignments that were listed for WebCTConnect will apply for MarkTool. These include the emphasis on the scoring rubric, banks of frequently used comments and separating the comments from the assignment to allow for multiple uses of the feedback such as an analysis of all the feedback.


Microsoft Windows only application. MarkTool requires that the assignments are in PDF format. If the management support provided by WebCTConnect is not available some items will not be available such as class lists.


MarkTool is is available from