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Questionmark Perception

  • Assessment management tool
  • This tool set includes support for short answer and essay type questions. Automated marking is not supported for these assessment types. Support for managing the delivery, marking and feedback of results is provided.


Allows lecturers to author, deliver, and report on various assessments question types such as short answer and essays. It is used mainly for automated assessment using questions such as multiple choice and matching. Questionmark has a tool that allows lecturers to mark essay type assignments. The tool is based around a marking rubric and allows comments within the student work as well as overall comments. It supports marking teams as well as individual markers.


Will integrate with LMS. Focuses on assessment. Provides choices of assessment types. Manages assessment from setting to reporting and includes tools for marking essay type questions including automated searches for assessor specified keywords. Manual marking of assignments is supported.


A licence is required to use this product.


Commercial software suppliers and at Software licence required. Other systems are available such as Respondus