Tools Report - Assessment Tools WebCTConnect

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  • Assessment marking and management tool
  • An online tool that works with WebCT V4.1 to support the marking of assignments and the filing of assignments, marks and comments. It also supports group assignments and marking teams.





WebCTConnect works with WebCT. It extends WebCT’s ability to support the marking and management of assignments with the following features: downloading class lists, assignment definitions and assignments to the lecturer’s computer; managing group assignments and marker allocations; setting up of a marking scheme; commenting on assignments in relationship to the marking scheme; exchanging of marking information between markers and lecturer; creating of a summary sheet for each student; efficient upload of marks, comments and commented assignments to WebCT.


A scoring rubric is a key feature of WebCTConnect. This is a fundamental part of successful essay marking. Using WebCTConnect it is possible to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the class as a whole. This can be done by reviewing the feedback and looking at the distribution of comments and marks across categories in the scoring rubric. The features in WebCTConnect such as the use of frequently used comments, and the tools to help manage a marking team will save lecturers time.


WebCTConnect has only been tested with WebCT 4.1. It is freely available but does not come with any support.


WebCTConnect is designed to work with WebCT Campus Edition Version 4.1. It is available from but currently only configured for use at Massey University.