Tools Report Conclusion

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Lecturers providing high quality feedback are one of the most important aspects for teaching and learning. The marking of assignments can be the only time that students get individual feedback. The use of electronic tools to assist lecturers provide feedback and help manage the process can help improve the quality of the feedback and save time.

These tools acknowledge the requirement for humans to be involved in the assessment process. The tools support the automation of routine tasks including the efficient delivery, management and return of assignments.  They allow the harvesting and reporting of associated data. The use of electronic submission of assignments allows new opportunities for the feedback on assignments. These include the ability to: structure feedback using good educational practice, better manage marking teams, evaluate feedback, and detect plagiarism. They allow for the ability for users to submit a wide variety of artefacts other than written documents.

Specialist tools have considerably extended scope, supporting lecturers with sophisticated and highly flexible suites. These systems may easily be integrated with existing learning management systems and can consequently be tailored to fit a wide range of requirements.