Tools Report - EMail

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  • Communication
  • Facilitates the receiving and sending of electronic documents


Allows for electronic submission of assignments (including a wide variety of file types and attachments) and marker feedback to students.


Students appreciate submitting their assignments electronically as they can work on the assignment right up to the submission date. People are already familiar with email so there is no learning curve. Supporting students with assignments viaelectronic feedback, including web links to resources, is effective. Ongoing formative assessment may be easily managed by means of instant communication. Electronic record keeping is facilitated. Post assessment communication may further support teaching and learning.


The responsibility for administration is with the lecturers. They are responsible for: organising class lists, dealing with bounced emails such as those that return because student inbox is full or the assignment exceeds the file size limits, and separating and storing student emails about the assignment. Also email addresses students actually use are often not available to staff. For actual commenting on student work email is limited in its function as the comments are not closely linked to the student work.


Most tertiary institutions have an email system already available. In addition there are many free email systems. Commercial suppliers will sell licences for email software.