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  • Quizzes and Surveys


All LMS offer tools for the testing of student knowledge and for eliciting feedback in form of multiple choice or short answer questions. Quizzes are prepared from question and answer sets. They can be setup as training exercises or for grading purposes. Surveys can ask for student opinions on specific aspects of a course. In contrast to quiz questions survey questions will not have pre-defined answers. Quizzes and surveys within LMS are setup in similar ways and the lecturer has numerous options for specifying details like availability and repeat access.


The technical aspects of setting up a quiz or survey with the help of an LMS are easy. The lecturer can focus on developing the questions and administrative details, like who should have access and conclusion period, are taken care of by the LMS. The lecturer can setup large repositories of questions and instruct the LMS to randomly select questions from various categories. Quizzes, especially ones based solely on multiple choice questions with predefined answers and feedback, can be used for self-study and formative purposes. The advantages of surveys are that it is easy to canvas student opinions and suggestions.


Developing good questions for quizzes and surveys is challenging yet this lies in the nature of quizzes and surveys and does not stem from the use of an LMS.
As with any form of surveying it can be difficult to motivate participation. The lecturer will need to use this tool sparingly and integrate it well into course design. In a survey the lecturer can usually not see the answers of individual students. This will have to be communicated to the students to ensure they will give their opinions honestly.